STIIIZY OG THC Pods: Their original and most popular product has set an industry standard. Carefully extracted to cultivate botanically derived terpenes and aromas, and with a durable application. Stiiizyโ€™s Pods are available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid.

Cannabis Derived Terpene Pods: Enjoy a vape experience that preserves the natural terpene profile of the flower. Dedicated to protecting the natural synergy in taste and potency.

STIIIZY Live Resin Pods: Stiiizyโ€™s Live Resin pods deliver a full-spectrum cannabis experience. Through an extensive flash-freezing process, you can enjoy an entourage effect produced by a product that focuses on terpenes and cannabinoids.

STIIIZY Live Rosin Pods: Extracted using only the finest in cannabis concentrate, the Live Rosin Pods are purified for maximum potency and tasty flavor profiles. Keeping true to the nature of the plant and maintaining a consistent experience every time.

STIIIZY Lil Disposable Weed Pens: Your on-the-go vaping experience comes in durable packaging and contains the highest quality concentrates. Find out why more and more people are choosing the Lil STIIIZY as their portable vaping tool.

STIIIZY Concentrates:

Curated Live Resin: Experience the true essence of the plant with the curated live resin. Through the flash-freezing process, you will receive the pinnacle of potency, flavor, and consistency.

Live Rosin Badder: From the moment the rich trichomes are separated from the plant to when you intake, you can count on a high-quality product that includes no chemicals. Try the solventless line of products.

Live Rosin Jam: Another concentrate of choice, the Live Rosin Jam, represents the pure full flavor and sensation of each specific cannabis strain. Staying true to the plant and through an all-natural extraction process, STIIIZY delivers a consistent experience every time.

Live Resin Diamonds: Suspended in a terpene-packed sauce, you will find perfectly cut diamonds of the highest quality extraction. Focused only on those strains made for producing the best diamonds.

STIIIZY Black Label: A new and exclusive line of high-quality flower, introduced to change the game. Curating a tailored cannabis experience that is potent and unique.




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